Greek Girls Code

I received the Social Action Award-2023

On March 15th I was honoured to receive the Social Action Award 2023 by the British Council Greece and the British Embassy Of Greece UK in Greece amongst a huge number of UK alumni.

The award ceremony was held at Megaron City Hall and the awards were given by his Excellency, the UK Ambassador to Greece Matthew Lodge. A huge thank you to the British Council and the UK Embassy in Greece as well as to Bangor University for fully funding my research and studies for many years and the The University of Edinburgh for opening up my horizons in science.

Big kudos to my Greek Girls Code team, both to the organisers, volunteers and mentors.

In the UK in experienced first-hand the transdisciplinarity and diversity in education needed to create a more sustainable future and coming back to Greece I got lucky to be surrounded by likewise women and young girls who aim to help others break the glass ceiling.

Super humbled to receive this great honour and as I said in my acceptance speech: I’d like to dedicate this award to all the women that came before me, the women that are now around me and the women that will follow after me.