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A tech enthusiast with years of experience in language, technology and Artificial Intelligence and a strong entrepreneurial spirit for both humanised and exponential AI utilisations.
I'm passionate about how AI can help small and large businesses serve their customers better and I help companies create the best tools and strategies to achieve that.

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Working in the AI industry has been quite a ride. Creating natural interactions between people and machines is one of the greatest schemes of AI. While my engagement in this field has been ethically rewarding to me, it is the blend of scientific knowledge and the potential for concrete societal value that builds my main daily drive and quenches my thirst for a more humanised AI. 

I've been working in Conversational AI for the past years in various positions, such as Strategic Sales & Business Development, AI Consulting, Project management and Speech Science. 

I've influenced strategic business decisions and stayed ahead of competition, reinventing the way voicebots and chatbots are communicating with humans and the way businesses target the implementation of conversational ideations.

I've also optimised algorithms and platforms to understand human language better and designed more naturalistic human-computer dialogues. I coordinated these implementations across multidisciplinary teams in projects in the banking and telecommunications sectors in the EU.

In November 2020 I received a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Bangor University, UK. My research focused on the behavioural and electrophysiological underpinnings of single word production. My PhD is available for reading here.

My work has been published in scientific journals (find me on Google scholar), presented in international and European conferences (AMLaP, IWLP,  CoNSALL) and invited talks in Universities across the UK and Germany. I have been an investigator in five scientific laboratories in academic institutions in Greece, the UK and Germany, while I have taught, supervised and mentored in research numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students in Psychology.

Prior to my doctoral research at Bangor University, I obtained a BA in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR and a MSc in Psychology of Language from the University of Edinburgh, UK.

I am also the founder of Greek Girls Code, a social campaign aiming to support Greek women’s work and activities in science, research and technology.


what i do: x-y axis

What does brain activity show? Blending human behavioural and neural characteristics with technical expertise into employing various methods to sell a product or service.

Human factors & AI

Multi-disciplinary industrial projects, case management, data visualisation and processing strategies for big data of human factors and automation of processing pipelines.


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usual topics of my talks
  • Neuroscience

    How is the human brain wired for cognition? What happens to our minds before we say a single word or when we move our fingers? The science of brain waves through Electroencephalography (EEG). What EEG activity tells us about the human mind. How we can use Neuroscience & Cognitive Science to better understand the underlying computations of our minds.

  • Conversational AI

    What is Speech AI? The revolution of speaking agents and speech technologies across industries. How to use virtual assistants & speech technologies to understand people's needs and intentions in user interfaces and human-computer interactions. How speech agents can create a sustainable business model of the future. 

  • Technology, AI & Innovation

    The age of automation & robotics. How to succeed in digital transformation. Breakthrough man-computer interactions. Big Data and the future of information technology. 

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    How to increase visibility for women and other minorities in STEM, tech and entrepreneurship. Why it is important for AI to be inclusive and ethical. As the founder of Greek Girls Code I always aspire to encourage more women to join the sciences in Greece.


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